Meet Nancy

 IMG_0995edited2On July 9, 2013 Nancy Parent was unanimously appointed by the Washoe County Commissioners to fill the unexpired term of retiring County Clerk Amy Harvey effective July 26, 2013.  Ms. Parent’s current term of office runs until January 5, 2015.

Nancy began her career at the Washoe County Clerk’s Office in October of 2000 when she was appointed to the position of Chief Deputy by County Clerk Amy Harvey.  As Chief Deputy Ms. Parent oversaw and managed all aspects and operations of the Clerk’s Office on a daily basis.

Nancy has represented the office and participated in seven (7) sessions of the Nevada Legislature on County Clerk issues. For the 2013 legislative session Nancy was appointed Legislative Liaison with Clark County Clerk Diana Alba to represent the interests of the Nevada Association of County Clerks and Election Officials.

Prior to her public service career, Nancy spent 22 years in the legal field as a legal assistant for local attorneys. Ms. Parent also spent several years as an escrow assistant at First American Title.

Nancy has been a resident of Washoe County for almost 40 years.  She has two grown sons, Matt and Mark.  As a single mother, she was dedicated to supporting the boys’ efforts in soccer, baseball, golf and raising game birds and water fowl.


The family unit is rounded out by her two rescue Lhasa Apsos (Hunky & Dorrie) and three wonderful grand-dogs!  Nancy has also been known to foster dogs while searching for their forever homes.  She loves to tap dance, cook and work in her yard, as well as to enjoy a variety of music, art and books.

Ms. Parent is a member of the County Fiscal Officers Association and Nevada Association of County Clerks and Election Officials.  She has also served on the Board of Directors of her Homeowner’s Association.

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